BWC Consulting


  • Economic Development Advisory
    • Project "Operationalization"
    • Public/Private Partnership Strategy
    • Organizational Capacity Building
    • Business Enterprise/Project Support and Analysis
    • Structured Layered Financing
  • Higher Education Financial Advisory
    • Project Planning and Support
    • Financial Planning
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Debt Policy/Planning
    • Debt Issuance Financial Advisory
  • Management and Investment Financing Consulting
    • Business Planning/Strategy Development
    • Operating Strategy Development
    • Interim Management
    • Mergers & Acquisitions/Divestiture/Harvest Strategy
    • Joint Ventures/Alliances/Partnership Planning & Execution

Welcome to BWC consulting

BWC ConsultingWith a focus on sustainable economic development and community revitalization, BWC takes a holistic, objective and entrepreneurial approach to advising organizations and businesses on how to:

  • effectively implement sound financial strategies;
  • achieve sustainability; and
  • build wealth in the communities in which they operate.
We embrace and incorporate the concept of New Urbanism into the work we do.  We define New Urbanism as a triple-bottom line approach (Environment, Profit and Social/Community Equity and Wealth) to ensure both short- and long-term ongoing viability and success in urban communities.  We seek to engage and empower groups that have previously been the users of resources rather than producers of resources.   Our goal is to increase the wealth, value and productivity of these groups thereby increasing the revenue base of the home, neighborhood, community, municipality, State and Nation by turning underdeveloped property and communities into economically viable areas. 

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